Clinique d’ophtalmologie Bellevue was founded in 2003 by Dr. Paul Harasymowycz, a glaucoma specialist at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont. The clinique d’ophtalmologie Bellevue offers a wide range of ophthalmic care. In addition to general ophthalmology services, doctors at the Clinique d’ophtalmologie Bellevue monitor and treat glaucoma, retina and cornea, cataract surgery, chalazion removal, and oculoplasty . Located in Montreal’s neghbourhood of Hochelaga Maisonneuve since 2005, the parent clinic is rapidly expanding, opening a branch in Laval in 2010 and a second one in Longueuil in 2012.

Dr. Paul Harasymowycz also founded the Montreal Glaucoma Institute in 2004 at the Montreal location. This organization led by specialists in glaucoma combines clinical care, teaching and research. The institute hosts fellowship students, conducts research projects and provides specialized services for patients with glaucoma.

Today, we gather at our three sites, 43 ophthalmologists, 80 employees and provide 70,000 appointments annually.

Our mission

Provide quality patient-oriented ophthalmic care in a warm environment with cutting edge technology.

Our vision

Gather under the same roof ophthalmologists of various specialities and staff members who are passionate about service in the medical field to create a dynamic and harmonious team who listen to their colleagues and patients.

Our values


Quality work always worthy of a professional team.


Everything can be said if it is said with respect, everything must be said with respect.


Self respect and respect for others.


Together for the patient, together with the doctors.


Helping patients and colleagues.


Treat patients and colleagues as if they were members of our family.


Since June 2012, considering our concern for hygiene, the quality of our care and patient’s safety being our priority, the Clinique d’ophtalmologie Bellevue is proudly certified by Agrément Canada.

Resident artist

France Meilleur

Artist profile

The exploration and the challenge in creation are the foundations that animate the artistic approach of France Meilleur. A versatile and curious visual artist, MEI has an eclectic background; The richness of her works testifies to the successful integration of the techniques she studied, practiced and that she knew how to appropriate.

Initially a photographer, she became interested in Japanese physiognomies and masks very early on. This unique look, which will make her a professional painter, is revealed by a production resulting from the exploration of games in transparency and opacity of watercolor. She integrates materials that naturally grafted or superimposed on the work: paper, fabric, vegetables, various impressions.

At the same time, she will undertake a series of works in oil, whose central theme, and always recurrent, is that of the human body. These creations propel her into a universe of infinite possibilities where the eye of the painter captures to us the essence of beauty and the truth of the body in motion.

Her particular attraction for Asia, always present in her approach, leads MEI to the study of SFUMATO. The inner image, the intuition, the gesture, will inspire a new production where the mastery of abstract art affirms, once again, the remarkable creativity of this unique and accomplished artist.

MEI creates, publicly exhibits and sells its works since 1993. She creates paintings of various sizes (from 4 “x 6” to 42 “x 82”). The works of her catalog, including those belonging to private collections, are available for exhibitions.